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Professional Rug Cleaning


With our unrivaled oriental rug cleaning service in Houston, Texas, your rugs will look brand new again. Because our professionals spend a great deal of time and effort on even the smallest details, we are able to achieve phenomenal results.

How Our Rug Cleaning Experts Can Help?

With all of the foot traffic going through the house, your rugs are bound to lose their valuable appearance. With the collection of footsteps brings dust, dirt, and bacteria with odor. Below are just a handful of things we accomplish with our rug cleaning services in Houston, Texas:
deep cleaning them with top-of-the-line solutions
removing stains from spills and footsteps
eliminating smells caused by pets, dust, and bacteria
repairing tears and damaged areas
getting rid of imprints
Regardless of the condition that your rug is in, our team of expert rug cleaners can get the job done right, the first time. We offer an outstanding carpet cleaning service in Houston, so you won’t need to look further than our distinguished qualifications and unbeatable prices.

When searching for the right rug cleaning service, Houston, TX has many options to choose from. However, most of these cleaning companies don’t specialize in rugs, which causes them to offer a mediocre job. Luckily, our Houston rug cleaning specialists can service any type of rug no matter how large, how old, or how much it’s worth; no rug is out of our hands when it comes to restoring your rug to look new again.

Every little characteristic makes the Oriental rug so special; all the color pigments and knots are unique, so they need a keen eye when doing the restoration.

Because Persian rugs are so delicate, fine attention to detail has to be executed to provide precise, pinpoint cleaning to the surface and knots of the rug.

The wool rug is typically the most common type of rug because of its durable, colorful, and repellent type material; nonetheless, they still need to be cleaned.

Because of the wide area and common uses, an area rug can take a beating throughout the year. The amount of debris buildup can be astonishing.